Last night I was having an emergency and I texted some friends of mine that I needed them to go to coffee. They were all busy, but I made it clear I really needed them and they dropped everything and drove in Friday rush hour traffic to meet me at a coffee shop and let me talk it out. It was wonderful and I'm so touched to have such great friends.

I've always wanted friends like this. Always. In the past, I've tended to be a clingy friend. I've wanted to declare best friendship and make a lot of effort towards friends and not let go when the friendship wains. The thing is, most of these people were not there for me when I needed them. They didn't show up for me like these girls did.

The thing I've learned lately is to get a friend I have to be a friend. I thought I was being a friend in the past but those relationships were 100% me giving or 100% me taking. There must be a balance to be a real friend. I'm very thankful to have patient people to allow me to mess up or be selfish or tell me the truth and not leave me.

For these ladies, I don't have to cling. They love me just how I am and in some ways, that's better than finding that from a guy. I can get guys, but having lovely lady friends is something new and wonderful. It's an amazing I don't know if I've ever felt before.