Throw out the old

I just officially finished with my old blog, Knit in Public. I posted my last post there. I own my domain name, so it'll still be up for a while, but it feels good to be moving on to something more positive and new.
I loved writing at Knit in Public for a long time and I met so many wonderful people there, but it's time to move on, you know?

I've changed so much the past 3 years. The person I am and the person I was when I started that blog are completely different people. I tended to be a pessimist and while I was funny at times with that outlook, I just can't stand to have those old posts representing me anymore. I've moved on for the better.

The experience of the graduate program I'm a part of (knowing I can bust my ass like I'd never imagined) and the new friends I've made and the amazing positive (yet, often difficult) changes I've made to my life have changed who I am.

It's nice to start fresh and not look back. I'm looking forward and am grateful I have a new place to share my new life.