Ah Ha! vol. 3 (I don't know myself)

Have you ever seen this scene from Runaway Bride, about how she doesn't know what kind of eggs she likes because she just eats whatever eggs her boyfriend likes?

I can definitely relate with this. But, I didn't realize this about myself until lately. I have NO idea what I like or think about most things. I have tended to agree with whomever I'm speaking with, about anything. Politics, colors, liking or disliking other people, laws, theories, opinions on anything. Since realizing this about myself, when someone asks me a question about something, I respond, "I don't know what I think about that." Because, this person might as well be having a conversation with a mirror; I'll probably just repeat what they're saying with different wording. 

With this realization, and as previously stated above (what with the whole telling them I don't know what I think), I'm taking the time to figure things out. I've realized that I don't like one of my closest friends. She stresses me out, so much so that I don't even want to answer the phone when she calls. Isn't that weird? I also realized I'm a people pleaser.  Crazy, ya'll. At school, I decided not to take my teacher's advice and make my book and magazine (projects) smaller. I'm going to keep them huge and ridiculous-sized. I always look at the realistic (sometimes negative) side of how to market this or that realistically. BUT, I'm in school. This is my time to have fun. Which equates to huge books and magazines. Go me.

So. I'm excited about these changes. I'm cutting the bull shit out (as best I can) and being honest with myself and others (as best I can). What are somethings you've realized you need to change?