Motivation: I don't have it

Does anyone else love iPhoto as much as I do? I think it might be my favorite thing about my mac book pro.
It's the middle of the quarter and I'm pretty sure I'm horribly behind. Although, everyone else around me is in the same place, so we're all behind. (I'm pretty sure this means none of us are actually behind) Feeling behind is not a good feeling and the worse feeling is my lack of motivation to catch up (i.e: being where I think I need to be, not necessarily where everyone else is). If this school wasn't a 24/7 commitment, maybe I'd feel more motivated right now (seriously, ya'll, it's 24/7. That's why I have a cot at school).

Goodness, we're cute
I think the first 6 quarters of this school have worn me the hell out. Not the mention it's summer. I just want to sit in my bed and watch Gossip Girl, spoon with Chico, hang out with my dude, go to the pool, play computer games and Zelda (although Zelda seems like a lot of work right now), paint, read and do stuff with my friends. PLUS have lots of money so I can do said fun stuff. Sigh.

But, I must remember how fortunate I am to go to this school. It's so lovely that I have this opportunity and I need to remember that (this school ain't cheap, yo).

Instead of doing homework, I often look at Pinterest (because pinning stuff helps with my creative process) and take massive amounts of pictures of myself with iPhoto. 

Any motivation tips?


P.S. Chico not has his own website of pictures. Because there is too cute for him to share: Chico Chico Chico