The moral of this story seems to be get sleep

It's here again. Studio week. The last week of the quarter before final critique of my work. Two quarters ago, I was sick and couldn't breathe, but that didn't keep me from staying awake for two days straight (on top of very little sleep the previous 5 days) and waking up in my cot in my room (I have a room at school) missing a shoe and not knowing how I got there, THEN being too tired to present my projects and getting low scores anyway. Le sigh. Last quarter, I was so stressed, I cried almost the whole week, while staying at the school (that doesn't have dorms) for 7 days then, cutting my finger two hours before critique and bleeding all over one of my projects.

Thinking about all the work I have to do while death gripping this water bottle.

So, my goals for the next 13 days:

  • get some sleep (I say this now, but I for sure will find myself awake at 4am for no other reason than to prove to the other people around me how hard of a worker I am. This place is cray-zay, yo!)
  • Not spend a ton of money producing projects I'm just going to have to pay to produce again in 6 months
  • If the words, "Why are you looking at me like that?" come into my brain (or God forbid, out of my mouth) GO TO BED
  • Remember, it's just school and not life and death. 
  • If my projects don't turn out perfectly, it doesn't make me a piece of shit
  • If my projects don't turn out perfectly, it doesn't mean I'm never going to get a job, be homeless, be a huge disappointment, die, never graduate, have to go back to waiting tables, ect...
  • Don't ask other crazy, sleep deprived people for their opinion
  • Stay in touch with non school friends
  • At least get coffee or see non school friends 3 (three) times during the week, even if only for a few minutes (promise, it helps)
  • If I think I'm done, I'm done. Just let it go.
On that note, I'm trying to be optimistic about whole thing. This is really hard because last Studio Week was so absolutely horrible. I'll keep you posted.