After this:

I've been on a much needed and appreciated break from school for two weeks. I've tried to see every friend and family member I've missed or neglected and tried to squeeze soooooooo much fun into every moment that I'm wiped out (although I've managed to get plenty of sleep). I haven't even watched Gossip Girl, I've been so busy, but that might be because, at the end of season 4, I'm really annoyed with Serena, Lily, Rufus is now totally useless, I'm not sure why Dan is even in the show anymore and the only people I like are Blair and Chuck, but for some reason everyone is pissed at Chuck (And, by the way, Dan never would've slept with that teacher. Bad writing, guys. Totally out of character).

In my brain, I always think break is going to be infinitely long. I plan on getting a ton of work done, do a lot of lying around and sleeping thrown in with some all night knitting and Gossip Girl sessions, hang out with my friends to my little heart's content, apply to a ton of internships, secure a job when I graduate, knit all of my Christmas presents, cure cancer and figure out the solution to world peace.

Needless to say, this didn't happen. I did however, visit two different branches of the family (one in the sticks and one is a small city which I would call the sticks with some tall buildings), hang out with friends, have a nostalgia night, plan and lock down bridge club, get some awesome stuff knitted, crocheted and listed, hang out with my boo and make a portfolio website. So, I did get things done.

I have mixed feelings about going back to school tomorrow. Unfortunately, it will start whether I'm ready or not. Poo