RHOWhatever: I'm Obsessed

I effing love Bravo.

Before I realized paying rent and going to school with no job was super expensive and ridiculous, I didn't have cable. And I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I had Netflix Instant, the Internet and  my Wii. No. Problem.

Then, I moved in with my parents. Where, my mom watches Bravo like it's her job. If the tv is on, it's usually on Bravo.

At first, I found Bravo extremely overwhelming, with all the colors and loud noises and women screaming at each other (I hadn't even thought about turning it on since Project Runway moved to Lifetime). I shortly realized, if I didn't want to sit in my room alone all the time, I'd have to suck it up and watch these ridiculous reality (eye roll) shows with my mom.  So, I did.

Now I'm completely hooked. So hooked that I even did a project promoting Watch What Happens Live! for school (it turned out pretty rad). It's amazing. The train wrecks that play across my tv every night (and all day when I'm at home) are just amazing. And, for some reason, it makes me feel like I can handle having kids one day (you know, I go back and forth deciding if I want to have children and how I'd raise these imaginary children and if they'll hate me when they're adults because I did a bad job raising them and what if I decide I don't want them after I have them and what if my imaginary husband doesn't help me take care of them or cook dinner? Will I be happy in this imaginary life?!!?!). Because these Bravo people are insane, but they have kids and they make it look easy. Is this normal? Anyone?

Even though I love Bravo with all my heart and I've forced others around me to watch it and listen to me talk about it and the people on the shows like they're my friends--if I'm confronted about this love, I'll throw my mom under the bus. Like right now. I can't just say I love Bravo, I have to tell this whole story about my mom making me watch it. Then and only then, after being forced (yeah right) to watch it, did I learn to love it.

I'm ashamed of my love for Bravo and Andy Cohen and the Housewives. But, I do love them. We have a special connection, me and them. When they're talking in their little interviews, they're explaining themselves just to me. You know, because pulling that woman's hair like that for looking at your husband needs explanation. Am I right?

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