Summer Awesome

On principle, because I hate hate hate to be hot, I don't care for summer. If I didn't live in Atlanta, I might not hate it so much. It's a summer of 100+ degrees with 100% humidity. And, while I'm very excited to usher in fall (holidays, Halloween, cooler weather, better clothes, not sweating, parties, less mosquitos), I will miss this summer.

On our way to an awesome hiking trip

This was the most magical summer I've had since 2004. In 2004 I moved to the city for the first time and I had some amazing friends who were down to hang out all night. It was amazing. We drove around, went to clubs, stayed up all night. Once, on a whim, we drove to Chattanooga at 2am to visit the aquarium (this seemed like a good idea on a 3 day no sleep bender). We didn't calculate that it only takes 2 hours to get there and the aquarium opened at 10am.

Basking in the glory once we reached the waterfall.

This summer was great like that. I didn't have any expectations of fun to happen so I was open for anything. Loiter in a parking lot for three hours and do jigs, I'm in.

Basking in the setting sun. This night was awesome.

It was just amazing. Hanging out with friends nonstop. Everyone was single, out of school and ready to hang out late into the night. Maybe it was the awesome in the air at the beginning of the season (you know, it reminds you of high school when you snuck out of the house to go break into the neighborhood pool and your whole life was ahead of you, not to mention the air smells like excitement and possibility). It was so great to reconnect with friends I see frequently, but don't get a chance to hang out with. To say yes. To meet new people. To give peas a chance.

While I'm super pumped for cooler weather and Halloween

One day maybe I'll have a body like this again.

(yeah buddy!) I'm a little sad to see summer go. Friends are pairing up in relationships (including myself), starting and searching for new jobs, going back to school and generally living their lives. Which are all good things. This summer was one of those moments that are amazing and can't be planned. I'm so lucky to have experienced it.