Major confusion
Over the weekend, some friends and I decided to channel our inner old lady and learn to play Bridge. Problem is, none of us has ever played or has any idea of the rules.

One girl had (or bought) a book on the game and another's mother made all of us cheat sheets.

We're getting somewhere. Cards are on the table
Oh em gee, guys. Bridge is insane. It's kind of like Spades, but drunk Spades, but I don't know if one could play drunk. I'm not sure how those women in The Help were getting it done over cocktails.

My partner and me losing. Big time
Most of the instructions sounded like gibberish, but once we got started the ins and outs kind of fell into place. It wasn't quite as confusing as I'd originally thought. Maybe. Because the girl whose hand we thought was the worst ended up handing our asses to us, literally (just kidding, I think that's impossible).