Men: Text Messaging

I'm speaking to my ladies in this post.

I've had my suspicions (which I just tried to spell like magicians) about this in past relationships and friendships with men. I've long suspected they can't answer more than one question per text message.  This also applies if you're trying to ask two questions is a row. You have to wait for them to answer the one before asking the second one.

While this is annoying when dealing with any man, I don't need to ask my run of the mill male friends that many questions. However, having a boyfriend changes all this; I have a lot of questions to ask all the time.

Instead of freaking out on Boo (which I'm wont to do), I decided to test this little theory out. And, now I have scientific evidence that I'm right about this. Boys can't answer more than one question per text message. Just to make sure Boo isn't an anomaly, I added some more male subjects to my test: male friends and family members. ALL of them failed.

Not only do women have to be the more beautiful, smarter (don't argue, we can answer more than one question at a time), have babies, cook and clean and be physically weaker, we now know we have to siphon out our text message questions one at a time because your little man brains can't handle more than that. Jesus Christ.