Best Stuff This Week (BSTW) vol. 1

At my old blog, I had a whole Best Stuff This Week segment. I curated a little list of the best things I saw that week. I got a lot of this from the numerous blogs I used to have time to read (such a lovely time). Now I don't have time to read blogs or peruse the internet all that much. And, after a lot of self reflection, I decided to start anew over here. All this is to say, I'm starting BSTW up again. Here you are!

I luuuuuurv this coat. It's amazing.

When I get out of school I'm going to get a gold dress like this.

My beautiful friend Becky got married over the weekend. She had a gold dress which started my obsession.

Soooooo cute.

I can't believe all of this is made out of paper

Another amazing example of paper craft. I can barely use my exacto to make a straight line.

And this lovely rosette crown that I made. Click here for more info.

Have a great weekend!