Halloween: The Chico Edition

I don't know if you know this about me: I luuuuurv Halloween. With all of my heart and soul. Unfortunately, being in graduate school and all really limits my time and resources (i.e. $$). I wasn't able to decorate or lend time to making a costume. So, that's kind of sad. Fortunately, finding things around my house I already had and buying a little fabric, I was able to compile group costumes for me and Chico. And let me tell you, they were farking adorable.

Lamby Cheek

Mary had a little lamb

Using a drill to carve...

Hands spreading butt cheeks.
I used Boo's iPhone (mine is a 3GS and really blows) to take pictures because I forgot my camera. So yes, that is Halloween. And now onto Christmas music and Thanksgiving, in that order.