I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving. It feels like the New Year was a couple of weeks ago. Last year I learned, because of school, Thanksgiving means there's only a few weeks left in the quarter and I need to have my projects pretty ready to go. Which I don't. This seems to be how it always works out. Studio week comes and I stay up for two weeks trying to get everything perfect on no sleep and 20 Red Bulls. Usually ends in lots of crying and irrationality.

Back to Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, my entire family from both sides come to my parents' house. There is tons of food. Coming from a Methodist family (my grandfather was a Methodist minister) we have a plethora of amazing, Southern food. We all have our assigned dishes to bring: my grandmother brings ham (she doesn't eat anything that is called what it is, such as, she doesn't eat chicken, turkey or fish, but ham is ok because it isn't "pig"), my brother makes mashed potatoes, my mom's sister bring sweet potato casserole, I make corn pudding and one of my aunts brings bread or dip. Last year she brought brussel sprout dip. It's the thought that counts.

It's the only time of year I see my uncle on my dad's side. After last year's bonding debacle, I'm kind of done with this whole issue. It's good to see him, anyway. Even if he doesn't talk to me.

My brother and his girlfriend had a baby, Maddux, in May and this is his first Thanksgiving and the first time much of the family will be meeting him. If this isn't exciting enough, my brother and said girlfriend are getting married on Friday. It's going to be a crazy 2 days.

In spite of all of this, I decided to spend Thanksgiving with Boo's family. It'll be much different because there will only be four of us and they're eating steak instead of turkey (who eats steak on Thanksgiving?!!). I'm a little nervous to leave the huge and dramatic Thanksgiving of my family behind, but it's not as if I'll never have another Thanksgiving. It's only this one year and I'm sure it'll be absolutely wonderful.

Does your family have any awesome traditions you don't think you could live without?