A Gift Guide For Knitters: Don't Buy Us Yarn

I've been perusing knitting gift guides online, and I don't think that the people making the lists are actual knitters. I've seen yarn at the top of the list several times. While yarn does seem like the obvious choice for the voracious knitter in your life, never get her yarn (unless specified which kind and how many skeins). While the thought is super sweet and thank you so much, we can't make anything with one skein. It will sit in the box under my bed with all of my other single skeins I just had to have at that yarn sale (that I've now moved into 3 or 4 apartments and never used).

In that light, here are some awesome things every knitter can use and appreciate. With these items on hand, she can save her money (and patience) for that next big knitting project.

1. Harmony Interchangeable Knitting Needles (I have these and they are amazing) $69.99
2. Knitting Chart Keeper (I can't chart without it) $14.99
3. Twinkle's Big City Knits (One day, I will have this book. It's been on Christmas lists for, no joke, 6 years) $17.99
5. Lamb Tape Measure (I'm on my 3rd. Cat pulled the head off the first and dog claimed the second) $10.50
6. The Knit Kit  (best gift ever for the obsessive knitter in your life) $24.00
7. Knitting Tool Case $32.00
8. Persnickity Knits Knitting Clutch (My most favorite knitting accessory every. I've used it constantly for 4 years)
10. Vogue Stitchionary vol. 1 (These books have amazing stitches that I love to practice and add to different projects--if she loves knitting, she'll love this) $13.57
11. Swedish Glimakra Large Wood Umbrella Swift (I effing want this--never lose an entire hank to knots again...not to mention less cussing) $79.00