Horror Review: The Cabin in the Woods

I watched The Cabin in the Woods the other day. First movie of a horror movie marathon (which was glorious), and it was a lovely way to kick off the day. I really meant to see this movie in theaters, but time slipped away from me (with graduate school and all). Here's the trailer in case you don't have tv, don't look at youtube or don't care.

So. Guys. While slasher movies aren't really my thing, I kind of love this movie.  Probably because it's not a true slasher. (Don't worry, I'm not going to ruin anything for you as you read ahead.) The movie starts off with two guys (whose dialogue is awesome, btw) discussing a planned something or other and how they're going to beat Japan...very vague (and then later their's a scene of some wispy gray spirit attacking Japanese school children). Cut to your typical horror movie crew, the whore, jock, stoner, virgin, blah...

I can't tell you much more without ruining, other than it's unexpected and very smart. The actual Cabin in the Woods is only a small part of the whole of this movie. It takes the normal slasher film, turns it on it's head, laughs at is and is still frightening.

Watch. It. Now.