Skinny Jeans, I Want to Quit You

Since it's cold outside and I don't have an adequate amount of cold weather dresses (I think I have one), I've been wearing pants almost everyday. In general, I don't care to wear pants. In the spring and summer it's all dresses all the time. And I've had it with skinny jeans. They're so constricting and uncomfortable and most of the jean choices today are waaaaaaaaayyyy too low. And then the high waisted ones are too high and don't allow for any eating. Or breathing.

I didn't know there was another way until last night. My friend and I watched The House of the Devil, which takes place in the early 80s, and there they were Sensible Jeans. They're lovely. Good fit, still a skinny leg, but doesn't seem to to cut off circulation. I must have some.
I don't know where to find these jeans, but I must have some (more for sanity's sake and it's a little inappropriate how I take my pants off when I get to my friends' houses). Please don't say "at a vintage" store because that's annoying. There must be some new, non-mom, fitted and awesome looking, high enough but not too high, sensible jeans somewhere in this world.