BSTW vol. 8

{photo by Hannah and Landon, styling by me}

Amazing Mochi Things pens. I'm super weird about my pens and these have a needle point tip, they're amazing (not to mention you can get one in orange, my favorite color).

More amazing patterned packaging (this time for Helt). I just can't get enough. Probably also has to do with the fact that I'm working on some patterned branding items.

This is super amazing. I want to be besties with whomever wrote this little gem.

Yes, please!

You might not know that rings are my favorite kind of jewelry. If I could get away with wearing one on every finger, I'd do it. Whimsey Milieu, bravo!

This summer, I'm all over this thing. I usually wear one pieces because I'm so self conscious about my body, but this I thing I can handle.
Best things offline: saying "interpretator" to Drew and laughing hysterically about it/being really productive/lunch with a cousin I haven't seen in a while/craft party/cheese and pickles for dinner/new phone/all of the red hots my friends and family have bought me because I was complaining I hadn't been able to find them anywhere in 2 years

Have a great weekend!