BSTW vol. 9: Valentine's Day Edition

It's almost Valentine's Day! I absolutely loved it as a child and then once I got to high school, I hated it. I'd wear all black to protest and I absolutely refused to participate. I told every boyfriend (until I was 22) that I didn't want any mention of it.

This year is going to be my first real Valentine's Day and I'm so excited (but within reason, I don't think it's going to be the most amazing day of my life or anything. I just enjoy little celebrations). In honor, here are some of my favorite Valentine-y things I've seen lately.

So cute! Some little heart barrettes would be great all year 'round!

Lovely little heart studs! I'm super into studs at the moment and I really want these!

Cutest card!

Awesome geometric heart garland!

Sugar hearts, amazing, I can't wait to make these for something. And again, I'd like point out that it's not ombre, it's gradient. Geeez

Offline awesome: this insane week is almost over, I'm about to leave for an awesome girls' weekend, being super in love, talking to my amazing girl friends a lot, more possession movies with my buddy

Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Valentine's Day :)