Country Weekend Girls Extravaganza

Over the weekend, I had the awesome opportunity go out of town to a country house with my Bridge Club for one of our member's 30th birthday! It was great! I love rural Georgia (to visit). The people are so friendly and life seems so peaceful. The stars are super bright and there are cows every where. I absolutely love cows! I don't know why, I just love them.

We had such a lovely time. Mary's (pictured above) mom came out and gave us a proper bridge lesson (we usually trudge through a hand or two then chat and eat and laugh). We also had craft time for a couple of hours and made headbands. Mine is pictured above.

Beading little pearls onto crochet thread is quite a challenge. Expletives were expressed, but it was worth it once the final product was complete.

Love this one, it's so Lana Del Rey

Chico had a freakin' blast. He loves to run as fast as possible. Thankfully, he didn't have to wear a leash while we were in the fields. I love seeing him so happy and excited.

We were on the prowl for goats. We found bunnies instead.

My bridge hand sucked big time. 

Alix received an inflatable unicorn horn to match the one for cats given out on Christmas.

It ended up being such a lovely weekend.

Have a great Monday!