This weekend was super fun!

It was my little brother's birthday. My family went over to his house and spent some time with him, his wife and my nephew. It was lovely and my nephew is just the cutest. He's pulling up on things now without help, it's so much fun to watch.

And then out to dinner with friends and got some possibly really exciting news about graduation stuff. I've been friends with these people for forever and it's nice to be out with people you love. 

We all look possessed in this picture because boys don't know how to use the camera
Then, Sunday I took pictures for my friend's son's first birthday. His theme was old man so there were lots of mustaches and bow-ties. I allowed my mustache hatred to take a vacation for a day. I haven't had time to process any of the pictures yet, so the one below is just an iPhone pic.

She gave him his very one little cake. It was amazing.
I had a great weekend that properly prepared me for the crazy week ahead. In a couple of days when I'm in a lack of sleep fueled melt down, maybe this post will bring me back to sanity. Or, maybe I'll just take a nap. We'll see.