I tried to dye Chico green

For St. Patrick's day, I attempted dying Chico a festive shade of green. I looked at some tutorials online and talked to my friend Becky about how to accomplish this. Despite Becky's suggestions, I went with the food coloring in water with a spray bottle method.
I must admit, he hated it. But, he hates most new things. Think how proud he'd feel walking the halls of the school and sitting on the front desk green! Green for his family's (kind of) heritage, representing us like a real man! Green for all the world to see!

But, the dye didn't stick to his little needle-y hairs. And he was trying to run himself on my leg and shorts the whole time. I had to hold him by his collar so he couldn't run off and wipe it on the grass or the porch or the other dogs. 

The final product looks like this:

So, I tried. And failed. But, here is the proof that I attempted to green my dog for St. Patrick's day. Go me and especially, go Chico.