Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

This isn't a horror movie, but it was an occasion where I rounded up a group of lady friends and convinced them to come to the movies with me latish on a week night. It counts. We went to see Oz the Great and PowerfulI love The Wizard of Oz with all of my heart and soul. I have red, sparkly mary janes and have had several pairs throughout my life, I collect (tasteful) memorabilia, I've read the books, I love love love it.

My expectations for this movie were very low. I had high hopes, but low expectations. Hollywood often messes up these epic types of movies and after being so disappointed with Alice in Wonderland, I assumed Disney may once again miss the mark.

Fortunately, I was delightfully surprised that this Disney remake (kind of) of an old and beloved classic was awesome. It started off black and white and went to amazing, bright colors. The story was pretty cool and the animation was amazing. There was a little girl made out of china which might have been the best part of the movie. Her character was soooo cute and the little sound effects made while she was walking was fantastic.

And, you can get this amazing shirt to represent:

So, see the movie. It rocks. The end.