Sunny and Spring

Last week I was a little down (and extremely dramatic) and the weather was just making it worse. But, this weekend was great! The weather was mostly sunny and warm. People were out in the city and walking around and smiling.

Chico and I went to Oakland Cemetery, which is a cemetery, but also a huge park in the middle of Atlanta. It's awesome and old and great. There are tons of paths and trees and in the back is a huge field where I take Chico to run free. It was also really nice to be out and about with other Atlantans.

Sunday, I went to my brother and sister-in-law's house to hang out with them and my beautiful little nephew. I love that little man. He's so cool. I love the way he smiles and laughs and loves. He's crawling so fast now, it's awesome.

I needed this sunny weather and somewhat lazy weekend to recharge my batteries. Sitting in the sun with my pup and reading and being surrounded by nature (and dead people, let's be honest) was awesome.

Now on to finish my portfolio! Full steam ahead (or at least 8 hours of work a day, at least).