Horror Movie Review: Lords of Salem

Last night, I saw Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie's newest movie. Normally, I would definitely say no to anything by Mr. Zombie (due to gore and sheer disturbing imagery) but  I watched the trailer and read some about it and decided it was ok. Here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure if you're not familiar:

So, wow. This movie is absolutely horrible. Totally not worth however much you're willing to pay for a movie and certainly not worth the two hours it takes to watch this movie. Although, Heidi's (Sheri Moon Zombie) apartment was absolutely amazing. My friend and I are enamored with her night stands. Normally I might write a summary of the movie, but I'd rather give you a bunch of stills and allow you to deduce the plot for yourself. I will say, that much like Homeland, everything you think is going to happen happens. Except for the little baby satan who looks like a fat baby pig man. He's a surprise. 'shudder'

Yes, all of these images, plus many more confusing and weird ones happened in the movie. 

On a positive note, Sheri Moon Zombie looked beautiful.