On Thursday, I was having a hard time getting motivated. Feeling sorry for myself and stressed out. Even though I had some work to do, I couldn't make myself get off the couch. Randomly, my friend KT called to see if I was available to hang out.

She took me to the zoo. And it was wonderful. The Atlanta Zoo is small and not that amazing, but it makes me nostalgic for my childhood. Not to mention, I just love going to the zoo. Seeing the animals is so exciting. KT was just was excited as I was, which was soooooo nice. It's rare to find people as thrilled as me about most things (I'm an excitable person). We were running around, feeding giraffes, asking the zoo keepers and volunteers questions, it was great.

I'm so blessed to have amazing friends. It's what I've wanted my whole life, and now that I've learned to be a friend and be present in my own life as well as lives of those around me, I am surrounded a group of lovely lady friends and I just can't imagine my life getting any better than it is now (barring the occasional depressed day).