Appreciating the moment

This weekend, one of my lovely friends had an awesome birthday party. There was a fire pit and live music (all provided by friends). It was super low key and great. We sat around the camp fire, talked, celebrated Katie (the birthday girl). Knowing I'm leaving the state soon to venture somewhere completely new and alien to me makes me extremely thankful for these moments. 

I love the way Atlanta (the south) smells in the summer. It's a sweet and earthy smell. And the sounds of the cicadas greets us every night. We caught lightning bugs once they came out at dusk. A three-year-old had a lot of interest in this, and we got him a jar and caught some. His mom said those were his first lightning bugs ever. There aren't lightning bugs where I'm going. That's so weird to me. I've had them around me every summer of my life. 

A few of the trees in the yard were covered in lightning bugs, way up high. It looked like the trees were sparkling. It was magical beyond anything I've ever seen. I wish I could've gotten a picture of it, but it wouldn't have come out. 

The live music around the camp fire in the darkness of the night was awesome. Katie danced around and played the fiddle (I didn't even know she played). The whole night was magic and I'm so very thankful I got to be there. These are the memories I'll cherish once I move away.