BSTW vol. 18

1. I'm sure by now you've heard about the bi-racial family in the Cheerios commercial. And the ridiculous and horrifying racist outrage that followed. Well, here is an amazing response to that with a little twist at the end.

2. I'm not sure why, but I effing love this! Flags made out of the food the country is known for! Amaze-balls! (via my favorite site, Buzzfeed)

3. I'm know I'm getting old because this is true (and also because I don't use snap chat). I remember getting my book and a snack and sitting in front of the computer, waiting for each page of the Nickelodeon website to load. It was exhilarating.

4. I can't find the original link to this image, so I'm linking to what I've found. This picture is beautiful and so inspiring to me. I want to paint her, sitting there by the lake, imagining. 'sigh'

5. Beautiful bracelet tutorial. Since learning to put lobster claps on the ends of friendship bracelets a couple of summers ago (while didn't I think of this before?!), I have a new love for these lovely things.

6. A really cool article about Ed Hardy (via the NY Post) and his relationship with Christian Audigier. I never knew any of these things about him. He's a tattoo pioneer!

7. Cutest Corgis! Oh my, I die!

Offline: The possible move I've mentioned is going forward and is teaching me to chill out and appreciate what I have around me. I don't know anything definite right now, but I'm taking it a moment at a time. Also, I found out there are lightning bugs there! Yay!