BSTW vol. 19

1. Really interesting article about the day in a life of a Martian colonist. I had no idea there are people living up there (I'm not up on my current affairs). It's really cool what they are doing.

2. Gif that shows how a key opens a lock. I don't know why I love this so much, but I do. I can zone out and watch it over and over.

3. You guys have to watch this. It's a hilarious satire on a feminist makeup tutorial. And the girl in the video is adorable.

4. Inspirational post from And Kathleen about getting things done. 

5. A not particularly intense but still absolutely cute DIY on miniature magnets by Pugly Pixel.

6. oh em gee! This type by Todd Wendorff is insane!

7. Matryoshka needle point. Just lovely. 

I'm currently condensing all of my things into a few measly boxes that can fit into my little VW Bug. So, that's happening. But, I'm getting through it. I've gotten rid of a ton of clutter, it's always been a pipe dream of mine to be a minimalist. While that's a bit much, I'm closer.

Have a great weekend!