BSTW vol. 20

This week has been insane! I'm excited to have the time to share the best things this week, these are good!

1. 99 Problems Tumblr is amazing. Daily, Ali Graham has a new illustration of some of Jay-Z's 99 problems. They get pretty hilarious.

2. New York Times' Tim Kreider writes about the dangers of knowing what the people in your life are thinking about you. Would you really want to know if one of your friends got mad at you for something small? 

3. & Kathleen wrote a great post on how to get right with money. Something I definitely needed to read. And just to feel encouraged that other people aren't living in harmony with money and suffer from the same struggles I do.

4. The Period Store, who sends you packages on your period, had an opening party and the pictures and merch from it are amazing. You must see this, it's awesome.

5. Simply being in New York. I found an apartment, have made some great new friends and have started to get a hang of the subway. The weather is insane and the people on the street don't stop and talk to me like they do in Atlanta, but there's just something magical and wonderful about being here. 'sigh'

Have a great weekend!