Last night, this girl walked into a room full of my friends. She and I were best friends at one time, but she slept with my boyfriend right after we broke up and was telling me to get over it while she was doing this and lying to me about it. I didn't find out about all of this until much later and, logically, I was very hurt. I confronted her about it, nicely. I used no bad words. I only told her that I was hurt and felt betrayed. Instead of responding and/or apologizing like a normal person, she completely stopped talking to me. We often had to see each other in social situations and she acted like I wasn't even standing there. 

For the past 10 years (I haven't seen her really in about 4 or 5), when I saw her in social situations, she'd completely ignore me, wouldn't make eye contact or speak to me and this infuriated me. Her complete avoidance made me hate her more. I'd get hot and rage-ful when she was around. I couldn't believe she was the one acting like this! It was hard for me not to stare at her and try to shoot her with my laser eyes. Sometimes I'd get so angry I had to leave the room or the event.

But, last night I saw her and I didn't feel angry. She looked a little rough. I know she and her husband have been going through a hard time. I actually felt bad for her and I was genuinely hoping she is doing well. There was no anger, no hatred, no laser eyes. I'm completely over it.

The hard work and growth I've put into me over the past year continues to astound me every time I do or feel something different than I have in the past. It's amazing.