I couldn't find the source, if you know it, please let me know

A year ago today, I was driving to my friend's house for Independence day activities and while going 75mph on a very busy interstate, my tire blew and I spun out of control. Cars were swerving all over the place to miss me and I thought I was going to die. I eventually hit another car which caused me to stop spinning and come to a stop in the middle of 5 lanes of traffic. It is the scariest thing that's every happened to me. I spent the rest of the day at my parents' house, shaking.

For the past year, I've been pretty petrified of driving. I'm constantly convinced my car is going to explode and that something is wrong with my tires. But, it's getting better. Some days (as opposed to most), I even like my car again. Good thing because I'm about to drive it 500 miles to my new home (more on that later).

A few days after the accident, Boyfriend and I started dating.

Today, I'm celebrating America's Birthday (duh)! My car is good and got some new tires yesterday! And Boyfriend and my almost anniversary!

Have a great and safe day!