I'm a little overwhelmed right now. Not only am I moving away from the only city I've ever lived in and all that goes with it, I'm purging most of my things. And, while, yes, this isn't a huge deal (they're only things after all), it's very hard. I'm a collector. Books, people, tchotchkes, animals, clothes, shoes.

Portable house
I've always thought the minimalist way of life is fascinating. I read blog posts from people who have gotten rid of all of their things except the essentials. They reuse everything and never buy Gladware (I've put so much of it in the recycle bin).

But, I do love my clutter. I like having all of my little things around me. I have piles everywhere. Everything has a story or a reason. I've kept that because I might use it to collage, I've kept this because I might use it for some kind of art later. That can be painted on, this can be repurposed, I'm going to unravel that old sweater and reuse the yarn. But, since I'm moving, those are things I don't need. Every little tchotchkes I keep is another something I can't bring. I gave all of my scrapbooking supplies to a friend of mine and I'm giving all of my metal smithing supplies to another. So. Damn. Hard. It feels kind of like giving away friends.

But, as hard as it is, I'm doing it. I know those scrapbooking supplies will be loved and used more than I've been using them. And I don't need all of these things. It's all going to be fine and at the core of it, those things are just that. They are things.