I'm moving to New York!

A couple of weeks ago, I flew to NYC to work for a few days. It went well and now I'm moving up there to be a full time employee. I'm really excited, but also scared. I've lived in Atlanta my whole life and this is going to be a whole new world. 

Here, I can't imagine things being better (other than the whole job and money thing). My friends are amazing, Boyfriend is amazing. But, I've always wanted to move to New York and my new job is everything I could've dreamed. In a month, I'm off!

Chico is super pumped to check out everything. He'll be seeing tons of sights on the 15 hour drive there. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate driving because I really hate driving.

A new life awaits me in the near future. 

Meanwhile, I'm getting rid of 75% of my stuff. It's hard. And looking for a place to live, which is a whole new challenge when you're not actually in the city. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I've also never been in a long distance relationship. I'm trying to convince Boyfriend to move, but he keeps telling me he hates New York and will never live there. It's scary to go forward and know he probably won't be there, but you never know. 

Soon Chico and I will be off to the north!