Moving dramarama

The 24 hours between Sunday at 11pm and Monday at 10:59pm may rival all of the other stressful experiences I've had (I'm definitely being a little dramatic).

I decided last week I was leaving to move to New York a week earlier than planned at the urging of a friend. From Atlanta, I'm having an impossible time getting people to talk to me about renting. This friend told me I can stay with her and I'll have no problem finding a place within a week. On Sunday night, after tirelessly getting my things together and finding places to stay on the drive up and coming to terms with not having Chico until someone brings him to me when visiting (he can't stay at her house), my friend texted to let me know I can't stay with her due to her roommate's personal situation. I was devastated. I spent most of the night scanning the AirBnB app looking for a really cheap place to stay for a week (in my budget, I can only afford a bunk bed in a weird hostel-ish situation). Sigh

Monday morning, I received an email from a girl I spoke to last week and she told me she was giving me my dream apartment in my dream neighborhood for a great price and she wanted to Skype later last night. Joy! Once we Skyped, she told me she gave the apartment to someone else. (Booooooooo!)

At this news, I started to have a meltdown. Fortunately, I was already texting Bestie and when I told her I didn't get the apartment and thought I was going to die. She invited me to come over for homemade spaghetti.

Me and Bestie a few years ago when I had blonde hair and she was just as awesome as ever
She hugged me and fed me and we talked it out. She made a great suggestion (fly up next week with the sole purpose of finding a place so I don't have to worry about my car and my dog and my things). She told me she's proud of me and sad I'm leaving and told me I can do it. And I felt better.

I'm so thankful for wonderful friends like Bestie, and the friend in New York who wanted to welcome me up (and unfortunately can't because out something outside of her control). Even though Monday sucked and I cried a little, I'm still going to do it. Bestie (and my mom) pointed out that a year ago, I'd probably have given up before even getting to this point. Anything hard wasn't worth working for, and now it is. I'm worth it. I'm going to find a place to live and I'm going up to a great job with awesome people. It's going to be great.