BSTW vol 22

This week has been trying. Blah. But, making that hobo pic of me and Chico and having an awesome job I really like made it better.

  1. This video is a satirical explanation of why girls love fall so much (including pumpkin spice lattes). It's amazing, watch it. 
  2. Awesome Buzzfeed post with cute gifs. I love me some Buzzfeed.
  3. My roommate and I watched Skew this week. It's a very interesting and original thriller. Give it a watch. I believe it's on Netflix.
Chico and I are going to the park tomorrow. That is where we'd like to move. Then we can go there more often. He needs some green and I need some cleanliness. I need it. I'm willing to live in the ghetto again if there is green a few blocks away.

Have a great weekend!