My computer isn't broken anymore (knock on wood)!

Chico and I are settling in to Brooklyn. My computer has been broken since before I left and I just got it back. Woot!

As I said in my last post, Chico and drove alllll the way up. The drive wasn't what I thought it was going to be like. I imagined me and Chico stopping at every rest stop and running through the grass, celebrating our trek from state to state, many Instagram montages of us running and smiling and high five-ing. I also downloaded three Stephen King books, each over 20 hours long.

Chico and I did not high five once. He was very nervous the day before, even throwing up. He seemed to think I was planning on leaving him in Atlanta. Silly, silly. As soon as I put him in the car and he realized he was coming he passed the eff out. We stopped 2 or 3 times until Richmond. I passed several rest stops, but I was too focused and angry (I hate driving) to stop. Same for the second day.

But we made it! Chico has had a hard time adjusting to being a true city dog. There is very little grass and greenery for him to go to the bathroom on. He is freaked out by all of the loud noises and people everywhere. I try to take him to Prospect Park on Saturdays. It is an amazing vibe there, tons of people and dogs. We met a girl with chihuahuas. She and they are lovely.

Have a great Monday!