Over the weekend

Over the weekend, I had the chance to have dinner with a friend I grew up with. It was so awesome to see Lindsay. I lived with her and her family briefly when I was in high school. 

She moved to New York almost exactly a year before I moved here. Before moving, she and her husband ran (and founded) a non-profit that builds schools and orphanages in Africa. Then, she decided she was worn out from all of the traveling (over 150 days a year being in Africa and traveling all over the world) and wanted to be a personal chef. So, she and her husband sold everything they owned and moved to New York. Isn't that insane? Neither one of them had jobs. I just can't imagine being that brave.

It was super to see her and catch up. She's a ball of positivity and warmness. Not to mention, she is now a successful personal chef with tons of business. If you're interested in reading more about Lindsay, follow her blog (she posts recipes).