Slummy Lord

I've been hearing about New York slum lords my whole life (not really, but I have heard about slum lords and I just assumed they were talking about it in New York. Or maybe I got it from Law and Order: SVU, who knows?). And I was warned to watch out. But I just knew it'd never happen to me!

Alas, it has. Slum lord might be a little strong, but we do live in the ghetto (a guy from work said, "You live there?! That is gangster territory!") and our building is falling apart.

It flooded over the weekend. I came home Saturday night and it was filling up with water. Thankfully, I was able to move my stuff and my roommate's stuff out of the water so nothing got ruined. I've called the management company and have gotten no response. They aren't coming to do anything. They won't talk to me. There is standing water in my apartment (that I'm paying a lot of money to live in) and the management won't even answer the phone or send anyone here.

Until we withhold the rent and they realize it, we probably won't hear anything from them. That's what, 10 days? Ten days of water walls, mold setting in, soaking into the floor. There's a little problem now, soon it will be a big problem.

That's not what I'm writing about, though. I'm writing about this weekend, which was just terrible. I couldn't get any of the things I needed to get done accomplished and when I finally got home at 1am, water was rushing into my apartment and I had to move everything up a flight of stairs by myself. I'm writing about it being okay. Yes, I'm super annoyed. Yes, my landlord and leasing company have black hearts of stone. Yes, this super sucks. But, it's ok and I'm ok and Chico is ok.