Photo by NYC Parks
This past month has been rough. Since my apartment flooded, I've been looking for apartments nonstop and trying to deal with my landlord. I've never been through anything like this before. Searching for an apartment in New York is ridiculous. You have to pay first month's rent (and sometimes last, as well), security deposit and often times, a broker's fee. That's 3 or 4 times the rent. And the rent here is insanely expensive. I don't just have $3,000-$5,000 lying around.

I've been looking on craigslist and several other websites. Meeting potential roommates to look at a room feels like going on a job interview. I go in, meet them, feel like we have a lot in common. It went well, I think they liked me, we laughed. Then I'd hear nothing. Nothing. Which is almost worse than no. I felt hopeless and worried about being homeless and cried a lot.

But, I found an apartment! In a nice neighborhood! And there's a dog park nearby! I had given up hope. I'd thought I'd have to pay more to move into another horrible neighborhood. The girls I'm moving in with seem great and I'm really excited. When I paid the deposit, one of them hugged me and told me how excited she is. There are amazing vintage shops (affordable vintage shops) in the neighborhood, not to mention the neighborhood is clean. No one is cleaning old washer/dryers and refrigerators on the street (booming business in Bushwick).

Things are looking up.