BSTW vol. 25

This week has gone by quickly and was not extremely stressful, so that's good. I went to Rebel Bingo with some friends and it was totally awesome. I encourage you to go if it comes to a city near you. While this week was uneventful, I did learn the importance of buying holiday plane tickets waaaay ahead of time. Those fares are no joke.
  1. Cute and lovely ad campaign for an all girls' school.
  2. Designer looking for work intentionally loses her passport at her favorite agencies in New York.
  3. An artist in Boston, MA interviews the homeless and replaces their sad cardboard signs with beautiful and eye catching ones.
  4. Carrie Anne's cats have a tea party, all of these pictures are amazing. For reals.
Saturday, a couple of my cousins from down south are going to be in Brooklyn  Yayayay! I can't wait to see them and next week I'll be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. 

Have a wonderful weekend.