Grateful for awesome roomies

{Derp's bread by Derp}

The weekend was wonderful and relaxing. I got all of my boxes unpacked, although there are still things everywhere, at least they are free from their boxes. I had dreams of going out over the last 2 days and being a part of the world, but I chose to stay in and organize my room and hang out with Chico. We enjoyed our new space.

Yesterday, Wonder Woman and Derp (roomies) made homemade bread and homemade soup for us to share. They're amazing. Above is a picture Derp took of her creation (I stole it off her facebook page). We stayed in and watched Hocus Pocus and chatted about life. It was truly lovely compared to the stress of finding an apartment and living in a bad situation that was the last two months. I am so grateful for this unexpected change of pace. Chico is like a different dog, he is so much happier.

Have a great Monday!