Thankfulness: Yet Another Thanksgiving Post

Amazing example of serenity brought to you by Paul Linton

I was looking over my Life List, adding stand up comedy to my list of goals, and I saw that I'd already completed #51: Get Rid of Stuff. Boy, did I get rid of stuff when I packed my whole life into my VW Bug and headed north. I got rid of furniture enough to furnish an entire house, most of my shoes, books, clothing, ect.

I also completed #43: Visit the monastery in Conyers. I've been wanting to go there for at least 10 years because of their state renown gardens, but I never made the time. Over the summer between graduation and starting my job, I took an afternoon to myself and visited. The experience was amazing. I'm not a religious gal, but I am deeply spiritual and I was overcome by the beauty, stillness and serenity while sitting alone in the sanctuary (is that what it's called?). I'm so thankful I took that time to drive the 45 minutes.

Seeing these two items completed prompted me to look over the rest of the list and mark off several items. In doing so, I'm a little overcome with emotion. Before I started on this journey to better myself and my life, I never completed anything. I didn't have goals, therefore I didn't complete goals. I was too afraid to fail, so I never tried. And now, I see that I'm no longer completely afraid to try. It takes guts to get rid of all your stuff and move across the country. I'm so proud of myself and so thankful I finally realized struggle is part of the journey and I am worth taking a chance on.

Happy Thanksgiving