The raccoon was a huge beast

It's so cute, but so murderous (it's trying to give us rabies)

Last night, I was at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (of all places) and I saw a ginormous raccoon across the courtyard. It was at least 3 times the size of Chico and, I thought, it was adorable. As an animal lover, I knew I needed to get closer to see it's fuzzy little face and I also wanted to shoo it away. I've never shooed a raccoon.

I ran toward it and this dude started screaming at me to get away from it because it might be rabid. I was like, whatever, this thing is totally going to run away from me. It didn't. It ran towards me. We made eye contact and it looked so sad, but it scurried towards me. I froze, because I couldn't believe that this wild animal in the middle of the city is running towards a human. But it was. The screaming dude really got upset at this point. He was insistent that it was rabid and that I'm stupid and get away. I went back to my friends, not sure what to do. It veered it's course and scurried towards a group of people who'd (logically) gathered to take pictures and videos.

This thing was fearless, ya'll. It started up some stairs toward another guy (who was a little too close) taking a video. I guess it decided this was a dead end and it went through some bikes in a bike rack and took off for the bushes. This whole time, the screamer was yelling at us about having to cut it's head off and send the head to Albany to check for rabies if it bit one of us idiots who were too close.

It was awesome. It's moments like these where I love New York.