BSTW vol. 26

This week signaled the definite end to the holiday season. The first full work week in 3 weeks. Back to reality, which was kind of a bummer. Thankfully, this week was a chill work week and a chill personal life week. Nice and relaxing. 

  1. I love this knitted scarf from Pam Powers Knits on Kollabora and I want to make one for myself as soon as I finish the lace shawl I've been obsessed with. Every night I come home, make myself dinner and knit lace until I fall asleep! I can't stop.
  2. Have you heard of For the Makers? You can buy the crafting kits that include all the supplies for each craft listed, or you can buy a monthly subscription. As a very crafty person, I have many of these supplies already in my home, but for someone just starting out or not very crafty, this is a great way to get going on your life as a craft maven.
  3. Color blocked fruits and backgrounds on Behance by Andre Britz. I find these photographs highly inspiring and I hope you'll see them the same way.
Have a great weekend!