BSTW vol. 27

It snowed cats and dogs earlier this week, so there is ice everywhere, but I'm protesting the snow by refusing to wear rain boots. That means I'm slip sliding around in my heeled Doc Martens and busting my ass. Yesterday, it got up to 45 or so and I feel like it may get better soon. I hope spring is close!

On another note, I went to the YMCA this morning at 6:15 for the spin class and it was cancelled, again. For the second time in a row. The desk attendant looked rather harassed by my fellow spinners' questions. I found it funny that he wouldn't expect it. Those of us who regularly come to 6:30am spin classes are mostly type A and very intense. You'd have to be to get up that early to work that hard. Watching Bravo on the elliptical just doesn't do it for us. I hope the teacher is back next week.

On to best things:

  1. If Girls were made into American Girl Dolls. This would be a nightmare. The girls in that show are far from role models, however I love this post by Buzzfeed.
  2. Amazing commercial for Oreo. I love creative videos like this. I'd love to do this some day.
  3. Creepy, yet awe-inspiring artistic statement on relationships and family. Including mannequins. 
  4. A wedding invitation for guests to color. Oh em gee, I love this. If I ever get married, I doubt I'd be this fancy, however, it's so fetch.
Boyfriend is coming up this weekend and I can't wait to see him tonight. He's the best. It's very hard to be away from him up here, especially in the cold. It's so cold

One extra Best Thing is that Divergent the movie is coming out soon. I'm reading the books obsessively. Just started the third one this morning. I. Can't. Stop.