I'm so over the snow

Derp in a park near our house and our street

Being from the South, any chance to see snow is magical. If we get snow that sticks to the ground we're thrilled. But, when it does stick to the ground, this happens; ridiculous.

Anyway. When I moved up to New York, I assumed it was going to snow a lot more than I was used to. I just didn't think that it was going to snow inches upon inches multiple days a week. I didn't think the only shoes I'd be able to wear were cheerful rain boots at which I'm now tired of looking (I can only match so many outfits to their bright colors).

My friends and coworkers who have lived up here for a long time (or from New York) have assured me this is the coldest, snowiest winter of their lives. I think they're all afraid I'm getting freaked out and planning on escaping back to Atlanta. But, I'm sucking it up.

Also, there are ice mountains along the sides of the road and the side walks. It's super difficult to park and once parked, it's hard to get out. My little Bug is not happy (who ever designed this car did it a terrible disservice by making it so low to the ground).

Hopefully winter will be over soon.