BSTW vol. 28

Time for another Best Stuff This Week!!

This week was tough. I have some personal things going on and I'm in limbo. I need answers! Things are going to be a-changing soon.

Fortunately, I've been doing some exciting and interesting new art things. I've been working (kind of) hard (the difficult week has taken a tole on my ability to get things done and sleep).

Soon. Sooooooon I will share.

  1. Plenty done in clothing. Beautifully executed!
  2. Bunnnnnnnny! Bunnies are my favorite! If they weren't so disgusting with the pooing and peeing everywhere, I'd want 20 of them. I'll take this print instead. Sharon Montrose is an excellent animal photographer, if you're unfamiliar, check out her other works.
  3. Plaster Moose heads, plaster deer heads and they have amazing colors. I want the moose. In hot pink. With gold horns. 
  4. Waaaaay back when I was in 10th grade, I was completely obsessed with Sailor Moon. Even though there were about 12 shitty episodes to everyone one good episode, it was worth it. Their little outfits were (and still are) adorable and chic. Cameron, very talented paper artist from Seattle, has created a little Sailor Moon accessories paper menagerie. I wish it was mine.