Movie Review: Divergent

Before I begin this review, I have to tell you that when I saw Wicked, I didn’t like it because they took too much creative liberty with my long loved Wizard of Oz.

As previously mentioned, I’m very emotionally invested in the Divergent books. Probably too much, but they gave me the gift of laughter and a light heart while having a hard time and helped me jump start my creativity and come up with a new medium for my art. How can I not have an emotional connection with something that gave me so much?

Enough about me, on to the movie; they took some creative liberties with the story I don’t appreciate. That being said, I see why the makers of the movie made the decisions they did when compressing the first book into 2.5 hours. There isn’t time for every single subtle interaction between the characters.

I went with Derp, Oh Kaye and some other friends who hadn’t read the books. While we were watching, I was worried the character development wasn’t enough for them to understand what was going on. I feel that there wasn’t enough emphasis on the relationships between characters and that the secondary characters were treated as static characters and not the dynamics characters I know and love. However, those who didn’t read the books disagreed. They think the characters are great and enjoyed the movie.

Minus the terrible fight scenes (seriously, what happened here?), Divergent the movie is pretty good. Please, please, please go see it so they will make the other two.  Or, just read the books, because they are so good.