Horror Movie Review: Afflicted

On Friday night, opening night, I watched Afflicted (I  couldn't see it Thursday, can you believe that?!). I tried to watch it with Derp, but she was throwing up and not up for horror. For most of last week, I worked to find a theater to watch this movie in, but there was only one in the 50 miles around New York City and the times didn’t work for me. No worries! It was also available for digital download.


I had very high hopes for this one. It was described as being incredible and unlike the rest of the found footage genre. Which is true, it is different than the other found footage movies, but not in a good way.

Everything from the trailer is from the first 20 minutes of the movie then it’s 45 more minutes of weirdness and not making sense. My recommendation is to keep your $6.99 and wait for the other amazing horror movies coming out in April. Occulus this weekend!