Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was my friend Katy’s birthday. For her celebration, she invited me to go to some New York thing with her in the Financial District. She sent me the summary for the event, but I barely skimmed it, assuming it was some kind of museum, art thing (which I’m super into). And it’s her birthday, so I was willing to do whatever she wanted.

I was pleasantly surprised, while figuring out how to get there, to discover I was participating in The Revolutionary New York ScavengerHunt. It was so much fun! Katy and I ran around Wall Street and Downtown New York for two hours learning about the founding fathers involvement in creating New York City and trying to beat this German family we viewed as direct competition. I saw the first paved street of the city, a statue of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton’s grave and, my favorite, nuns (not part of the hunt).

It was a great way to spend the first truly spring day. If you’re in the New York City area, Watson Adventures has a lot of different scavenger hunts all over the city. And they’re in some other cities, as well.

I loved the day so much, I texted Boyfriend and told him he needs to move up here so we can get a studio down there. Near the water and Stone Street. ‘sigh’ Now that the winter’s over, I’m loving it here again.